THREE thieves launched co-ordinated strikes on foreign travellers who had just arrived at Valencia airport.

Two men have been arrested by the Policia Nacional who are still looking for the third robber.

Each of the trio operated in different parts of the airport to steal valuables from tourists, namely the arrivals area and car rental zone.

They were well-dressed to avoid attracting suspicion but one of them was caught out by GPS technology.

He took a backpack from a tourist containing a laptop, tablet, camera, a hard drive, and several computer mice.

He stuffed the items inside his own empty backpack and took it to a parcel company in Valencia where he left it there for safe-keeping.

Unfortunately for him, the stolen laptop had a geolocation device on it and police returned the stolen items to the owner.

They then lay in wait for the thief to pick up the goods and arrested him.

His colleague also stole a backpack containing around €20,000 from a recently-arrived traveller in the car hire pick up area.

Rather than fleeing, he went into the terminal building where police detained him, having been given a good description of the thief.


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