Police have arrested three people for allegedly performing cosmetic surgery on patients without any qualifications in Marbella. 

The botched surgeries left at least a dozen victims with injuries, leading police to investigate and shut down the dodgy clinic. 

Policia Nacional started their investigations after one of the victims lodged a formal complaint in September after they experienced physical complications after their surgery. 

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The dodgy clinic in Marbella.

Officers tracked down more victims, who also reported similar medical complications following surgery at the clinic. 

Police said some of the victims’ conditions would be considered serious. 

“With the information collected, and the procedures carried out with official health agencies it was possible to verify that the clinic did not have qualified or authorised personnel to practice these aesthetic treatments,” police said.

“The devices used were not adequate, nor did the personnel who used them have a license or training for their use.”

Police arrested three managers of the clinic on February 1.

They face charges of causing injury, professional intrusion, public health, fraud, misappropriation and documentary falsification.



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