The commissioner for the National Police in Fuengirola, Jose Maria Tocornal, was arrested on Monday 6 for omission of his duty to pursue crimes, coercion and revealing secrets according to police sources.

Alongside the 63-year-old commissioner, 58-year old Salomon Kadosh Chuqueron, a well-established hotel businessman, has also been arrested for his alleged involvement in disclosing important information.

The commissioner was arrested and taken to police headquarters from his home in Fuengirola. Tocornal will be dismissed and suspended from his job by the Ministry of the Interior and disciplinary proceedings will be carried out.

So far, details of the cases lodged against the commissioner have not been disclosed by Internal Affairs and the National Police has ordered secrecy of the proceedings.

Tocornal has received three police merit crosses and 100 public commendations over the course of his career. He began his work with the police as an inspector in the National Police Corps before being made head of Narcotics in the provincial Citizen Security Brigade in Huelva and then heading up the Lucena-Cabra police station. In 2018 he was made chief commissioner of the National Police in Fuengirola.


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