The National Police and Civil Guard have arrested four Brits on the coast of Malaga for their alleged involvement in organised crime that shipped drugs to central European countries, mostly the Netherlands.

In the joint operation 937 kg of hashish and another 53 of ecstasy were seized from a house in Mijas.

The investigation began in September 2022 when agents intercepted a postal package in Fuengirola containing half a kilogram of cocaine.

The sender of the package in September coincided with delivery data of two other packages seized in November at Madrid-Barajas airport each containing 4 kilograms of hashish.

Drugs seized by police in Mijas

Operation Milo-Loop 22 was then opened, initially finding that a group of British citizens settled in Malaga were engaged in the acquisition, preparation and distribution of large quantities of narcotics bound for European countries.

91 kilograms of cut substances were seized in French territory bound for the Netherlands. The suspects were dressed as delivery men operating in vans.

After three searches in the towns of Mijas and Marbella, the four brits were apprehended along with the large quantities of narcotics.


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