ONE of Spain’s busiest airports has been given a major increase in security resources to cope with growing passenger numbers.

34 new Guardia Civil officers have been deployed to Alicante-Elche airport in time for the Easter holiday season- a increase of over 30% in staffing.

The new officers began work on Thursday and their first days are seeing them trained up about the lay out of the building and the security functions they will have to perform there.

The Policia Nacional deals with passport and immigration matters, while the Guardia’s work includes the prevention of smuggling, fraud, and tax crimes, as well as being responsible for airport security.

The Guardia say the need for increased manpower is down to the high number of passengers using the airport and more checks required for UK travellers following Brexit.

The airport recorded its busiest-ever February with 30% of passengers coming from the United Kingdom.

Alicante-Elche airport is the fifth-busiest in Spain and has the highest number of British users in the country.

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