BENIDORM has started a two-month campaign to make sure dog owners pick their pet’s mess from city streets.

The initiative is called ‘Benidorm, my pet. Take care Benidorm, it’s your home’.

A team of environmental educators will visit all parts of the city to raise awareness about the need to clean up and to care for Benidorm.

They will be based in a special tent to hand out advice and information.

All visitors will get a poop bag dispenser as well as a brochure outlining good practices for dog owners taking their pet on a walk.

Bag Dispenser

The campaign will also issue a reminder about fines for irresponsible people who don’t pick up their dog’s excrement from outdoor areas.

The city’s street cleaning councillor, Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Zarate, said: “We want dog owners to be the driving agents of change towards a cleaner Benidorm.”

Schools will also be on the campaign’s agenda on the basis that if children are taught about street cleanliness, they will then pass on what they have learned to their parents.


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