Ana Obregon, the 68-year-old actress, has dominated the headlines since the birth of her baby daughter by surrogacy in Miami on March 20. 

The celebrity has received significant criticism not least because surrogacy is illegal in Spain but also because of the age at which she has become a mother. 

In a recent interview with Hola magazine, Obregon revealed that the baby, Ana Sandra, is in fact the child of her son, Alex Lequio, who passed away three years ago from cancer. 

When Alex was diagnosed doctors recommended that he freeze his sperm, as is common with many cancer patients that undergo chemotherapy and other treatments. 

Before he passed away Obregon’s son expressed his desire to have children even if he wasn’t around to bring them up. 

From the point of Alejandro’s death, Ana Obregon explained to Hola, that the only thing that kept her going was the thought of one day bringing her grandchild into this world as per her son’s final wish. 

Obregon is legally the mother of her grandchild who was born to a surrogate of Cuban heritage in the US.


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