A red and white plastic barrier has been installed along the road to the entrance to Mallorca’s Palma airport to stop illegal parking that has caused major bottlenecks.

Motorists in recent weeks had been stopping on the bend on the right hand side of the access road just before the ‘express parking’ area, even though there’s no charge for using the facility for the first 15 minutes.

That practice resulted in severe delays caused by bottlenecks during the busy morning and afternoon ‘rush hours’.

Taxi drivers complained about the long jams as they and buses struggled to get into the terminal area.

The right access lane has now been blocked meaning that it is impossible to park up there.

Airport security staff are also monitoring the area and reminding drivers who are now trying to park in front of the new barriers that they have to use ‘express parking’.

The new barrier appears to have fulfilled its purpose with no delays getting into the airport which has two ‘express parking’ areas, along with its main car park located in front of the terminal building.

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