SPAIN’S National Police force has seized 50 kilograms of heroin during a drug deal in a Madrid car park, as the result of a joint operation with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

A Portuguese national was arrested during the sting, which took place in the municipality of Las Rozas in the northwest of the Madrid region. 

Officers were monitoring a suspect in the car park when another vehicle arrived and proceeded to carry out suspicious manoeuvres. 

A man then got out of the car carrying a number of bags, which he then placed in the other vehicle. 

The police called for backup to follow the man who had arrived with the bags, but he eventually managed to escape. 

They did, however, intercept the other vehicle, which they found contained the bags with 50 kilograms of heroin inside. 

The Portuguese driver of the car is thought to have been planning to take the drugs into his home country. 

In a statement, the National Police said that they were continuing with their investigations with the DEA and have not ruled out more arrests.

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