SPAIN’S AEPD data-protection agency has opened an investigation into the ChatGPT artificial intelligence application, on the basis that it may breach the country’s privacy laws. 

There are suspicions that the platform, which has dominated the headlines in recent months thanks to its ability to do anything from write essays to realistically converse with humans, could be illegally harvesting the data it gleans from conversations with users and which is the basis of training the application’s algorithms. 

ChatGTP, which was created by a company called OpenAI, may also be storing payment information of subscribers, have weaknesses against possible hacks and lack an effective age filter, according to reports in Spanish media. 

A working group will also be created so that information about the app can be exchanged between the different agencies that form the European Data Protection Board, a body that the AEPD belongs to. 

In March, Italy opted to block ChatGPT for data protection breaches, a measure that will be lifted once the company can show that it is complying with Italian privacy rules, Spanish daily El Pais reported. 

ChatGPT gathers masses of human-created data from the internet and then uses it to make computer predictions to answer questions and requests that are inputted by users. 

Since it was made available to the public, users have been trying it out for writing anything from computer code and blog posts, to translating texts and even writing songs.

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