Five young people suffered stab wounds after a brawl outside a nightclub in Malaga. 

The fight took place between two groups of young men on Saturday April 15. 

According to reports, several young Latin Americans saw four Spaniards beating up a young man and intervened in his defence. 

One of the aggressors pulled a knife on the men who were trying to mediate the situation. 

The incident left five people injured, two of whom were taken into an intensive care unit at Hospital Clinica Malaga with stab wounds and the other three were admitted to the Regional Hospital in Malaga.

The victims of the attack approached bouncers at the Malagueta Nightclub asking for assistance.

Both doormen were trained in first aid having served in the police and military and were able to contain the two most serious injuries until authorities arrived. Local waiters also played a key role, taking the victims to the bathroom and using shirts to put pressure on the stab wounds. 

National Police are investigating the incident that occurred in the early hours on Saturday. 


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