THREE thieves operating at Valencia airport have been arrested in the terminal departure area by the Policia Nacional.

The trio- all Serbian nationals- have been stealing from tourists at the airport since November, with authorities confirming at least four robberies.

All of the detainees had criminal records and were living illegally in Spain

The men aged between 49 and 52 years took bags and backpacks in a coordinated and carefully conceived operation.

The robbers always wore a cap and surgical mask to avoid being recognised and carried empty backpacks which they’d put the stolen bags into.

They even had a change of clothes to make it harder to identify them after a theft.

One of the men carried out surveillance linked to his colleagues via a hands-free phone unit, while another distracted their victim, and the third stole the belongings.

They always used rental cars to travel to and from the airport and operated in areas with the greatest number of people like the car rental area, baggage check-in, or cafeterias.

Small bags and backpacks were targeted since they usually contain the most valuable items.

Police recovered €3,000 in cash, a mobile phone, jewellery and a camera.


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