TWO MEN broke into a French tourist coach outside a hotel in Albalat dels Tarongers in Valencia province on Saturday lunchtime and stole items belonging to 39 holidaymakers.

The thieves- of Croatian and Italian nationalities- were arrested just an hour later after witnesses gave the Guardia Civil a description of their getaway vehicle.

In broad daylight, the men forced their way through the luggage section door and helped themselves to phones, bank cards and documents.

39 of the 50 tourists using the coach had items stolen but armed with details of the car used by the men, the Guardia started looking for it.

It didn’t leave the area and 70 minutes after the search started, a vehicle matching the description was pulled over.

A look inside revealed a large rubbish bag containing all of the stolen items, which were returned to the grateful tourists.

The two men- aged 29 and 30 years- have been charged with robbery by force.


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