FORMER FC Barcelona football player Dani Alves has changed his story once again about an alleged sexual assault in a nightclub on December 30 in the Catalan capital. 

On Monday, the 39-year-old Brazilian soccer star appeared before a judge in the Catalan capital on his own request, where he admitted for the first time that he did have penetrative sex with the alleged victim that night

He claimed that he had denied that before in an attempt to hide his infidelity from his wife, Joana Sanz. 

He also insisted that the sexual relations with the 23-year-old woman at the centre of the case had been consensual, according to Spanish media reports. 

According to the alleged victim, on that night she and her companions were invited into the VIP section of the well-known nightclub Sutton. According to her version, which a judge considered to be ‘robust’ and ‘persistent’, she did not know who Alves was. 

She claimed in court that he forced her hand onto his penis and took her into a nearby bathroom, where he grabbed her head and forced her to perform oral sex before violently forcing himself inside her and ejaculating. 

Since the rape accusations were made against Alves, he has offered four different versions of his side of the story, including recording a video in which he claimed to have no idea who the alleged victim was. 

However, given the evidence against him – including proof that there was penetrative sex – he was taken into pre-trial custody three months ago, where he remains today, and has offered several different versions of the events of that night. 

In court on Monday, Alves claimed that there was ‘mutual sexual tension’ between him and the alleged victim, and that they entered the bathroom together to have consensual sex. 

He also claimed that she has made the rape claims because she might have been ‘offended or angy’ that he was not ‘attentive nor affectionate’ with her after they had sexual relations.

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