A POLICE officer was shot dead by armed Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional agents at a petrol station in northern Spain on Wednesday morning.

The 46-year-old Policia Nacional officer died just outside the town of Villagonzalo Pedernales in Burgos province.

He had been suspended from regular duties at Lonzas in A Coruña for his alleged involvement in a drug trafficking plot.

The man reported to the Lonzas station on Tuesday afternoon to complete some paperwork involving getting time off because he was suffering with depression.

He broke into a changing room locker and stole a gun before leaving the building.

Dozens of officers were mobilised amidst fears he could harm himself or others.

The officer drove nearly 500 kilometres to the Burgos area with the aim of going to the provincial capital.

A shootout ensued with armed police before he drove off and was intercepted at the Villagonzalo Pedernales filling station by four Guardia and Policia Nacional units.

Gun shots were exchanged again and he was fatally downed with three bullets striking him.

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