A WOMAN from Lucena in Cordoba province has been arrested by the Policia Nacional for plotting to kill her husband with rat poison

The couple- of undisclosed ages and nationality-  had problems with their relationship since moving to Spain.

The husband uncovered her plot when trying to fix a mobile phone belonging to a relative of the woman.

He decided to listen to conversations recorded on the phone involving his wife and her relative, and didn’t bargain for what he heard.

Several chats featured his wife saying that she wanted to divorce him due to the marital issues they suffered with after coming to the country.

The woman’s relative suggested that she should give him a cup of tea or coffee laced with rat poison to solve the problem.

Fearing for his life, he filed a complaint with the police who detained her for committing preparatory acts leading to murder.

It emerged that on one occasion when the husband returned from a foreign trip, the apartment where the couple lived had been completely dismantled.

She sold off all the furniture without his prior knowledge and kept all the proceeds hidden away from her husband.

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