A MAN who daubed graffiti on the front of Mallorca’s historic Soller railway station has been convicted of a crime against historical heritage.

The station is home to the popular ‘Tren de Soller’ narrow gauge journeys to Palma with passengers making the 28 kilometre trip in carriages dating back to 1912.

The 29-year-old vandal was ordered on Wednesday by a Palma court to pay operator Ferrocarrils de Soller €7,668 in compensation plus all legal costs.

In addition, he will have to cough up a €9,000 fine to be paid in €4 daily instalments for 14 months and will get a one-day prison sentence for every two missed payments.

He will also have to be involved in cleaning up the graffiti.

Mallorca’s historical and cultural association, ARCA, welcomed the penalties for the 2021 vandalism.

The group took part in the trial to demonstrate the damage done to the island’s heritage.

“Palma’s Policia Local did an excellent job to start the process which concluded with the conviction, with thanks as well to the prosecutor’s office and the judiciary,” the group said in a statement.

“We do not rejoice in the punishment, but we trust and value the deterrent effect it may have from now on.”

The stiff penalty reflects Mallorca’s tough stance against graffiti and vandalism being committed at historical sites.

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