A HABITUAL criminal, who was banned from entering Palma, breached the restraining order after just five days to steal a pair of trainers.

46-year-old Bartolome C had racked up 20 arrests for thefts and robberies with violence in the Mallorcan capital.

A court imposed an order banning him from entering Palma with the exception of an addiction rehabilitation centre and Son Espases hospital by prior appointment.

Barely a week into the measure, the thief struck again at the FAN Mallorca Shopping Centre.

He went into a store and put a pair of trainers priced at €39.99 inside his bag and left without paying.

The shop manager witnessed the theft and alerted shopping centre security guards who apprehended him and handed the man over to the Policia Nacional.

Besides the robbery, he was also charged with breaking the conditions of the restraining order.

He spent a night in the police cells and after officers woke him up the next morning to take him for another courthouse appearance, the thief said he could not walk.

The duty judge released him with the robber taken to Son Llatzer hospital.

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