SPAIN’S Met Office, AEMET, has warned of sweltering temperatures across Andalucía in the next few days.

The entry of a mass of very warm and dry African air over the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands in the coming days will leave ‘exceptionally high temperatures’ for the time of year.

As of tomorrow, Tuesday April 25, and, especially on Wednesday, maximum temperatures are expected to rise above 30ºC in most of the southern half of the peninsula.

Weather experts warn that temperatures will continue to rise reaching 35ºC in large parts of the country, with searing highs of 40ºC expected in the Guadalquivir valley towards the end of the week.

According to AEMET this sharp rise in temperatures will be due to stable atmospheric conditions and strong sunshine throughout the country, which will cause a ‘progressive and marked rise’ in maximum temperatures, with values typical of summer.

The summer-like highs are expected to remain until the weekend, where, due to the entry of a mass of cooler, wetter air from the west of the peninsula, which could leave isolated storms in the northern half of the peninsula, there will be a notable drop in temperatures as of Sunday, April 30.


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