A MAN has been arrested for allegedly attempting to steal 300 kg of copper from a recycling plant in (Bunyola) Mallorca. 

The arrested and another man were caught on camera carrying the metal within the building in broad daylight and with their faces uncovered. 

The two individuals are believed to have entered the plant after jumping over a two-metre fence.

The security system alerted the company’s owner, who arrived at the scene with employees of the security company and asked them to stop. 

The alleged robbers confronted them in an aggressive manner. “I am going to kill you. I am going to ruin your life,” one of them said. 

A number of Bunyola Local Police officers and Guardia Civil agents later arrived at the scene.

It was published in the Spanish media that the two men had been arrested. 

However, a Guardia Civil spokesperson has confirmed to the Olive Press that they have only arrested the one who made the serious threats. 

This is the second time Bunyola’s recycling plant has been targeted by robbers this year. 

The company reported the burglary of almost 1,000 kg of copper last January. 

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