A MOTHER who had sparked alarm among her family by going missing for five days has turned up alive and well and oblivious to all the fuss.

Jasmine Dale, 73, went incommunicado on Sunday April 30, prompting her adult children to alert the media and for two of them to fly in to Malaga to undertake the search personally.

The grandmother was in the middle of a solo tour in her motorhome around Portugal and Spain and she communicated with family daily and posted to Facebook regularly.

So after a few days without any contact having left a campsite near Malaga, her family began to fear that something terrible had happened in the rural Granada outback.

It was not until a group of French tourists in a camping area in Venialbo – way up north in Zamora province – recognised Jasmine that she became aware of the search that had been mobilised to find her.

Her French neighbours had seen the notices on the internet and went over and showed it to an astonished Jasmine.

The mother-of-three told SUR in English she was ‘completely stunned’ when she saw her missing poster.

When she finally spoke to her family they were ‘very emotional’ and they were ‘all sobbing’ with relief.

Jasmine is now expected to continue on with her travels, including heading north to Bilbao where she is due to meet with one of her granddaughters on May 26.


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