AS of May 15, schools across Andalucia will allow students to leave early on days when temperatures soar above normal.

Excess heat makes concentration enormously difficult and can lead to physical tiredness, fainting spells and nosebleeds.

Unfortunately the majority of schools in southern Spain aren’t equipped with air conditioning and some don’t even have fans meaning that students and teachers alike have to endure sweltering conditions in classrooms as soon as Spring arrives.

High temperature protocols throughout schools in Andalucia was implemented in 2017, following an intense heatwave, and gives parents the option to pick up their children around noon — just as the hottest part of the day begins to set in.

The adaptation measure to deal with rising temperatures is usually activated as of June 1 and lasts until September 30.

This year, however, due to the extreme heat which continues to blast the region, the protocol will be activated as of next week, May 15.

A series of training courses will also take place next week, during the school timetable, in order to update school staff of any changes to the protocols.

The general reference criterion for the activation of the protocol is, however, established by the temperature forecast in each province of Andalucia, as specified by the values provided daily by the National Met Office, AEMET.

According to this Plan, Andalucian children will be able to go home, with the prior consent of the parents, when the orange or red alert is activated by AEMET.


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