A 54-YEAR-OLD man jumped to his death from his Paiporta apartment balcony because he did not afford to pay his mortgage.

The single-dweller had received a court-ordered eviction notice and took his life on Tuesday by leaping off the fourth-floor balcony on Calle Albal de Paiporta.

He suffered serious injuries with paramedics unable to revive him.

One of his neighbours, Javier, told the Las Provincias newspaper: “He lived alone and was a good person who we helped because he had no money.”

“He stopped paying the mortgage years ago and had financial problems, but all the neighbours helped him and sometimes came to my home for a meal,” he added.

Another resident, Arturo, said: “I had little contact with him short of saying hello but he seemed like a good man who never caused any problems in the 15 years he lived here.”

The deceased man- named as Jose Luis- had received eviction orders for years due to not paying the mortgage because he did not have a job.

Neighbours said he got financial and psychological assistance from Paiporta council’s social services department, and a council source said he was being treated for a ‘serious health problem’.

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