A NEW television series set in and around the world of organised crime on the Costa del Sol has started filming on location.

The series, produced by Movistar Plus+, will be an original fiction series titled ‘Marbella’ that delves into the intricate web of criminal gangs operating in the real-life organised crime hotspot.

The series is based on an investigative report into the Marbella underworld published in 2021 by a pair of El Pais reporters.

It is a topic that the Olive Press knows intimately and has been reporting on for over 17 years.

The series promises a complex narrative that weaves together multiple nationalities which, if true to life, will feature Brits, Irish, Swedes, Moroccans, Dutch, South Americans and, of course, Spanish gangsters.

The storylines will mix together traditional and cyber crimes, old-school crime bosses, rule-imposing youngsters, and the global pandemic, which has brought about significant changes.

‘Marbella’ is based on an investigative report published in April 2021 by Arturo Lezcano and Nacho Carretero, the latter known for his acclaimed book ‘Fariña,’ which was also adapted into a series.

Shooting begins on crime series 'Marbella', credit: Nacho Carretero
One of the reporters who wrote the investigation upon which the series is based posted a picture of a clapper board to his Instagram. credit: Nacho Carretero

Leading the project are screenwriter Alberto Marini and director Dani de la Torre, the creative forces behind the successful Movistar series ‘La Unidad,’ which is set to premiere its second season.

Both Lezcano and Carretero possess extensive knowledge of this underworld of crime, which extends far beyond the sunshine coast.

It has turned the Costa del Sol and Marbella into a ‘global surveillance point in the fight against crime,’ according to Movistar Plus+.

“The world of crime on the coast of Marbella is something astonishing and has never been depicted in fiction,” director Dani de la Torre said.

Screenwriter Alberto Marini added: “When we discovered that Marbella has become the UN of organised crime today, with over a hundred active international gangs, we knew we wanted to write about it.”

Carretero took to Instagram to announce the start of filming, sharing an image of the first clapperboard.


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