A 50-YEAR-OLD woman has been arrested for stealing 70 bottles of a powerful anaesthetic from a health centre that she worked at in Valencia province.

The Spanish national took advantage of the fact that she worked in an undisclosed role at the unnamed centre to access cupboards where the vials were stored.

Since May 2022, centre bosses observed an excessive use of doses of the powerful anaesthetic, which is strictly controlled and monitored by health authorities.

This drug, which is used as an analgesic for the treatment of severe pain, has a strong hallucinogenic potential and is sold on the black market as a narcotic substance.

The Valencia centre informed the Policia Nacional, who arrested the employee after monitoring what she got up to.

She has no criminal record and the police are trying to find out whether the vials were destined for the black market.

In 2011, the Policia Nacional arrested a 22-year-old man for robbery at Valencia General Hospital after he was caught in the act by the the head of the pharmacy department.

The growth hormones the man tried to steal were inside a sports bag and worth around €14,000.

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