POLICIA NACIONAL officers saved the life of a 21-year-old woman in Valencia on Tuesday after she threatened to jump from the 24th floor of a building.

Her mother contacted emergency services at around 8.00pm to say her daughter could be in danger.

Police quickly went to the high-rise block with a call centre trying to locate her exact location.

Officers found her sitting on a window ledge on an emergency stairwell on the 24th floor.

One of the officers pounced on her and grabbed her wrist and despite struggling for a few seconds, the woman was pulled to safety.

They calmed her down and managed to get her down the stairs and out of the building where an ambulance took her to hospital.

It’s the fourth incident in recent months where the Policia Nacional have intervened to save the life of young people wanting to take their life.

In May, officers prevented a 16-year-old boy from leaping off Alzira’s iron bridge, while officers intervened in April to stop a seven-year-old Valencia boy from jumping off a school roof.

In February, a young man was talked out of diving to his death from Ontinyent’s Salt de Bou bridge.


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