A 32-YEAR-OLD scammer conned people out of €82,400 by selling them cut price cars they never received.

The Guardia Civil arrested the Columbian man after getting a complaint from a Valencia province resident in March.

The buyer from Cullera saw a car advertised online for a bargain price of €9,000 and transferred the money to the fraudster who never answered or returned any subsequent phone calls.

A Guardia probe uncovered 12 identical complaints made within a few days about the same scammer.

As soon as the man got a payment he transferred the sum to a bank account in Lithuania in the hope that authorities would not be able to track its whereabouts.

He used bogus papers to get a mobile phone contract which he used for his ‘business’ and copied documents from a legitimate car dealership to make it appear to potential purchasers that he was the owner.

The man was detained in Barcelona but the case is being handled by a Sueca court.

He has been charged with fraud and falsifying documents.


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