THE European Council has slammed Spain for the poor working conditions in Andalucia’s Huelva strawberry farms. 

The institution has exposed the labour exploitation in a report after experts visited the Andalucian strawberry fields last summer. 

The investigation displays that there were nearly 1,000 workers, the majority of them being African immigrants with no work permit.  

“They live in shacks made of plastic with no access to drinking water, electricity or sanitation,” the report reads. 

It insists: “A number of workers could be victims of labour exploitation and even human trafficking. They work more hours than the maximum number allowed and get paid less than minimum wage. Sometimes, they do not get paid at all.”

The European Council further states that some of the woman pickers (around one in nine), may also be victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation and gender-based violence.

The Spanish Government has shown concern about the publication. 

“We are very worried about the situation and measures to prevent it will continue to be implemented.”

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