FIVE tenants have miraculously survived after their two-storey house collapsed on top of them.

All five people were at home when a balcony and then the building’s facade crumbled away in the El Terreno neighbourhood just before midnight on Tuesday.

They were shocked by an awful rumbling sound and then sat astonished as their home started to come down around their ears.

When they tried to escape, they found that the door was blocked by debris and they were trapped inside.

Fortunately, they all managed to emerge from the rubble unscathed.

“It was 11:30pm and I was already in bed when I heard a spectacular noise,” resident Rafael Delgado told Ultima Hora. 

“I grabbed the animals and ran out as fast as I could.

“We warned [the landlord] three months ago that the house was not in good condition. People were leaving, and she kept renting out rooms,” he added.

“She didn’t care.”

Within minutes, multiple teams from the Palma Fire Department and the police arrived at the scene, successfully pulling the renters to safety.

During Wednesday morning, firefighters and engineers from Palma City Council returned to the site to inspect the dwelling.

Local authorities have now launched an investigation into the incident to determine the causes of the collapse.

They will also be asking the landlord some tough questions over whether there was any negligence or violations of building regulations.


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