A SINGLE bullet caused the deaths of a policeman and an assailant in the municipality of Andujar on Sunday, according to autopsies carried out on the two victims. 

The tragic turn of events was sparked when local man Andres Moya started banging on the door of a neighbour in the town in Jaen province, armed with a knife and a hammer. 

When the authorities arrived on the scene, Moya set upon one of the two National Police officers who responded to the incident. In an effort to defend himself, the officer fired a shot at Moya’s legs.

Police investigations have so far concluded that the bullet not only passed through the attacker, but also hit the other police officer, Juan Jose Lara, in the abdomen, causing a fatal wound. 

Despite having been fatally shot in the groin, Moya not only carried on attacking the officer who fired his weapon but also continued walking through the town, as neighbours shouted at the police to take him down. 

The officer did indeed fire on Moya again, causing two more bullet wounds to the attacker in his leg and buttocks. 

But these shots were not fatal and it was that first bullet that caused the two deaths in the town on Sunday. 

The surviving police officer was stabbed in the back, requiring seven staples and two stitches, as well as suffering head wounds that caused a skull fracture. Those injuries required around two dozen stitches, police sources told Spanish media. On Wednesday he was still in hospital receiving treatment. 

The entire incident was captured on recordings made by neighbours, in videos that have since been widely shared online and in the media. The policeman is seen spinning around and falling to the ground when the shot is fired. 

According to residents cited in Spanish daily El Pais, Moya was a retired veterinarian and suffered mental illness. 

Juan Jose Lara, 40, was laid to rest on Monday in the nearby municipality of Marmolejo.

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