MALAGA is the second safest city in Spain new report claims.

According to Numbeo’s 2023 crime index ranking, Malaga is ranked as one of the safest cities in Spain and 58th place out of the 416 countries worldwide.

Although Malaga is safe, it’s not without petty crimes and scams targeting newcomers and unsuspecting visitors as well as drug dealing in certain areas. But in general, the capital of the Costa del Sol is safe, the second safest in Spain and one of the safest cities in Europe.

The crime index ranking places San Sebastian as the safest city in Spain.

In fact the capital city of Gipuzkoa is not only the safest city in Spain, but also ranked the safest in Europe and 7th in the world ranking.

Meanwhile, crime rate soars in Caracas, Venezuela, the city with the highest crime rate in the world, according to the study.

Numbeo is a user-generated database that provides information about the cost of living, crime rates, pollution levels, and other factors in cities and countries around the world.


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