A SPANISH man and woman aged 51 and 57 have been arrested and charged with family mistreatment in the Valencia area after four children were kept locked up at home in unsanitary conditions for over two years.

The father was also subject to five judicial fraud indictments- with two demanding his arrest and imprisonment.

The Policia Nacional detained the fugitive in March and discovered that several of his children were living in the care of a female acquaintance because their biological mother was serving a prison sentence.

The group moved around different addresses in Valencia province but with the assistance of the Policia Local in Cullera they were tracked down to a property.

Surveillance on the home noted that the windows were always closed and the blinds lowered- making it impossible for natural light to enter the house.

Officers noted that just one woman went outside and on some occasions was accompanied by a baby aged around a year.

A court warrant allowed police to enter the property where they discovered an 18-year-old girl and boys aged 15, 11, and 1 respectively.

The boys were all sons of their fraudster father and the children of school-age had not attended lessons for at least three years.

They all were in poor health due to the uninhabitable and unsanitary conditions of the house, and were removed into the guardianship of the Valencian government.

Both the father and woman had existing police records and have been charged with child mistreatment and abandonment.

Coupled with his fraud indictments, the man was ordered to be imprisoned.


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