AVID readers from Gibraltar and all the way up the Costa del Sol will be able to exchange their books at a Book Crossing event in Main Street.

Gibraltar Cultural Services (GCS) will set up a stall outside the historic St Mary’s Cathedral this coming Saturday, June 24.

Locals and visitors will be able to take a book or two which they can exchange for their own books they can leave at the stand.

The Rock’s Ministry of Education and Culture said the aim was ‘making the whole world a library’.

“Last year’s event saw a fantastic atmosphere and buzz around the love of books, drawing in both locals and visitors, with many tourists picking up a read for their travels,” the culture ministry said in a statement.

“This ties in with the original book crossing concept where books are set free, passed on and circulated so as many people as possible discover and enjoy them.”

The book crossing gives people the chance to find the latest novels on their favourite niches.

It also encourages readers to share why they love certain authors and genres and recommend them to others.

GCS said that its ‘staff will be on hand to assist and engage with visitors’.

The stall will run from 10am to 2pm on Saturday and people are welcome to approach the stand at their leisure.

The event comes as Gibraltar publicises its own literature with the creation of a local book council that plans to have a stall at international book fairs.


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