A 63-YEAR-OLD man died in Madrid in the early hours of Friday morning after his vehicle was hit by a car that was fleeing the police.

The accident was caused after three thieves stole a vehicle and were being pursued by the authorities. 

The chase began in an industrial park in the Villaverde district of the Spanish capital, after one Spanish youth aged 24 and two aged 20 stole a black Citroën. 

By chance a police patrol came by the vehicle and officers noticed that the occupants were behaving nervously. When the police tried to stop the vehicle, it fled the scene and the pursuit began. 

The stolen vehicle crashed into the other car near a nightclub called Monaco killing the occupant, who was on his way to work at the time. 

Ambulance crews spent 45 minutes trying to revive the man but without success. 

The three alleged thieves were also taken to hospital with mild injuries.

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