A WOMAN has been arrested for allegedly attempting to murder her husband by stabbing him in the side with a pair of scissors in Elche (Alicante). 

The incident is believed to have taken place during a dispute over inheritance. 

Local Police agents entered the flat and saw the man sitting on the sofa next to a pool of blood.

He was bleeding from his head and applying pressure to his side with a cloth to pack the stab wound.

The man allegedly told police officers that his wife had first hit him on the head with an earthenware jug.

The husband added that she then grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed him while he was trying to defend himself with a rubber flip-flop. 

The wife’s version was that her partner had hit her on the face with the flip-flop and that she had stabbed him to defend herself.

Emergency services also attended the scene and took the man to a nearby hospital. 

The woman was arrested and taken to a police station. 

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