A COSTA del Sol expat had a painful encounter with a swarm of highly aggressive hornets that descended upon him in a family-friendly residential area.

Trevor Hamilton, 72, from Nottingham, had the terrifying run-in with what have been identified as Oriental hornets while he was out walking his dog in Estepona on Monday.

The first inkling that the ex-professional drummer had of the world of pain he was about to enter was when he heard a ‘very loud’ buzzing sound.

The hornet’s nest is located in a wall in the Puerto Romano urbanisation in Calle del Pinsapo

And then one giant hornet flew at his head.

“I don’t know who pissed on their cornflakes, but they were very, very agitated,” Trevor told the Olive Press

“I shied away and within about five seconds I was surrounded by a lot – dozens and dozens.”

“??I don’t think I can explain how it felt. It was like being stabbed with a hot knife, multiple times.

“I screamed – and I don’t scream.”

A swarm of them targeted an Estepona resident in a residential area where children play

The incident resulted in four stings to his ankle but thankfully Trevor, who has owned his property in Estepona for over 20 years, managed to protect his dog and run away before things got worse.

Swelling started within minutes and both legs from the knees down turned bright red.

Two days later and his feet are ‘a little better.’ 

“It has been said that if they had been Asian hornets – or ‘murder hornets’ – I would have been dead,” Trevor said.

“I was probably in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Hornets Foot
Multiple hornet stings turned the feet of Estepona resident Trevor Hamilton, 72, into bloated red stumps – photo two days later. Credit: Trevor Hamilton

“But my concern is that I’m pretty sure it would kill a dog and I’d be very concerned if it was a four or five year old kid because the pain is excruciating. 

So I think it’s quite a serious issue and I’m gonna get it dealt with one way or another.”

Trevor puts down the fact that he got off relatively lightly from the swarm to the strong insect repellent he had sprayed on his body before heading out of the house.

A nest of highly-aggressive hornets – ‘four times larger than a wasp’ – will present a public health threat in an area where families live and children play.

The hornet’s nest, set into a wall, is located in the Puerto Romano urbanisation in Calle del Pinsapo.

The local Linea Verde (Green Line) have been notified of the presence of the giant insects.

Oriental hornets, despite being native to Asia, are also found in Europe, especially the south of Spain.

When threatened, Oriental hornets can be aggressive in defending their nests. 

They possess a potent venom and can sting multiple times, causing pain and potential allergic reactions in humans.


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