AN ABANDONED arsenal linked to Kinahan gang has been found in a flat in Estepona (Costa del Sol. 

The major haul, one of the largest ever seized on the Costa del Sol, was ditched in November 2021 and left unguarded for six months. 

A massive arsenal containing revolvers, silencers, hacksaws, and over 40 shotguns and pistols, as well as balaclavas, tracking devices and ammunition. 

Police discovered the weapons in May last year, but only made it public this week.

It has been reported that the property was rented by two expats using fake IDs. 

Weapons Kinahan Dos Policia Nacional
It is one of the largest arsenals ever found on sunny Costa del Sol

The two bizarre tenants had no money problems, and paid rent for several months until they disappeared suddenly from the flat in November. 

The reason the duo left the property is unknown, yet it could be linked to the arrest of the gang’s money launderer Johnny Morrissey in Marbella a few weeks earlier.  

It is believed all weapons had been acquired on the black market, as the guns had their serial numbers erased.

The DNA of one of the gang’s infamous members was found on one of the weapons by Policia Nacional, who continues the investigation. 

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