MALAGA’S Roman theatre, which lies at the foot of the Alcazaba fortress in the western part of the city, will soon include additional walkways, a new viewpoint and an information platform.

The Junta has just announced plans to extend the visiting area of one of Malaga’s most important archaeological sites, which dates back to the 1st century AD, as well as build an information platform with the aim of providing more information about the theatre, the development of the theatre through its main historical stages – between the 1st century AD and the 3rd century AD – and the operation of the monument itself.

For this, the Junta, through the Regional Ministry of Culture, has just put out to public tender for the works to be completed with a €93,000 budget.

This well-preserved archaeological gem was first opened to visitors in 2011, although it was rediscovered in 1951.

In 1972, the Roman Theater of Malaga was declared of Cultural Interest (BIC) due to its historical significance and included in the category of Artistic Monument, by Decree dated March 16, 1972.


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