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Spain tries to find relatives of over 5,000 Hungarian Jews saved from Nazi persecution by the ‘Spanish’ Oskar Schindler

SPAIN is trying to find the relatives of thousands of Hungarian Jews that were saved from the Nazis by a diplomat branded as the...

Dredging up history: Galicia clean-up project could shed light on mysteries of Spanish Armada

The true aftermath of the Spanish Armada has been buried by the sands of time … until now, writes Jack Gaioni

Titanic of the Mountains: Historic train station in Spain’s Pyrenees to be transformed into luxury hotel

Known as the 'Titanic of the Mountains', a grandiose railway station which is reputed to have served both as an escape route for thousands...

Basque magic: How Spanish children ended up playing in English teams before ‘foreign players’ became a thing

WAS it a cultural thing? Nature vs.Nurture? Was there something in the water? Their DNA? What follows traces the plight of six Basque adolescents,...

Robin Hood or robbing hoodlum?: Andalucia’s last bandit built up a legendary reputation

By Shannon Chaffers WHEN it comes to popular representations of bandits, gangs, and other notorious outlaws, English-speakers might initially think of England, with the legendary...

Spain to begin project to exhume civil war victims at Valley of the Fallen

SPAIN'S €650,000 project to exhume and identify victims of the country's Civil War that were buried at the Valley of the Fallen site outside...

Archaeological dig in Valencia unearths 60 skeletons from ancient churchyard

EXCAVATION work taking place on a stretch of Islamic wall in Valencia city has unearthed 60 skeletons – and counting. Neighbours overlooking the site in...

Five incredible castles in Spain’s Malaga every history-lover should visit

The Alcazaba of Antequera once guarded one of the most important frontier castles in the Kingdom of Granada

Spanish DNA study set to finally solve mystery of true origins of explorer Christopher Columbus

The 500-year old mystery of the adventurer’s true identity could about to be solved, thanks to modern science.

Valley of the Fallen: How archaelogists are planning a massive dig at Franco’s legacy

A NEW look at the lives of the prisoners who built the Valley of Fallen aims to give it a more acceptable spin, writes...

FOOTLOOSE: Neanderthal footprints 106,000 years old found in Spain

IT is one of the most famous and popular beaches on Southern Spain’s Atlantic coast. Its kilometres of white sandy beaches have proven to be...

Historical memory: Barcelona university enlisted to document Spain’s Valley of the Fallen victims

FAMILIES of the victims buried at the Valley of the Fallen will soon receive information on their loved ones thanks to a new collaboration...

Five incredible castles in Spain’s Malaga every history-lover should visit

THE castles in Malaga provide its landscapes with grandiose silhouettes. Malaga has over 90 legendary fortresses scattered throughout the province, however the passage of time...

More ancient history uncovered in medieval city on Spain’s Costa Blanca

SEVERAL ancient walls have been uncovered by workers in Orihuela’s medieval city. The find is believed to be part of a fortified enclosure from the...

New orders for controversial Franco era villa built on historic site on Spain’s northern Costa Blanca

THE OWNERS of a Javea villa built on Roman land in the Franco era have received a second demand in two months from the...

The history of Spain’s iconic chiringuitos

THE sight of chiringuito beach restaurants putting out their parasols is the annual signal that summer has arrived. A little late this year, perhaps, but...

Mystery of Spain’s riverbed ‘Virgin Mary’ becomes clear after expert analysis

THE mystery of the 14th century 'Virgin Mary' statue found on the bed of a northern Spanish river may have been solved thanks to...

Petition to preserve Spain’s long lost ‘Stonehenge’ reaches almost 50,000 signatures

The megalithic monument consists of more than 100 standing stones with some standing almost two metres tall

SCIENTISTS ASK: Was Medusa Gibraltarian?

It comes after a clay picture of Medusa was dug up at Gorham’s Cave by top archaeologists, bringing to light the area’s special significance.

Bullets found in Andalucia city attributed to ‘murders’ of the Spanish Civil War

It is thought that executions carried out by Republicans between July 19 and August 8 took place at the burial site during the war.

Spain’s long lost ‘Stonehenge’ rediscovered after drought

For residents in Peraleda de la Mata, a village of just 1,400 inhabitants, the ‘miraculous’ event confirms a local legend about buried treasure in the area

PALM BEACH: The curious pop history of the Costa del Sol’s most famous chiringuito freshly refurbished for summer

Its owner helped create one of the most successful songs of the early 2000s

How a Welshman helped the Spanish win one of the biggest land deals in US history

The Welsh Don Juan … The one who’s belief that Welsh Indians roamed America’s Wild West helped a President strike the greatest land deal in history

Historic Malaga villa owned by ‘Schindler of the Civil War’ demolished

THE forgotten villa of Spain’s own 'Schindler' has been torn down despite more than 500 people finding refuge there during the civil war. Villa Maya...

Anarchy, Andalucia and free women: How women in Spain plotted to bring down the patriarchy

Women in Andalucia were some of the first in Spain to join the fight against General Franco, writes Jack Gaioni





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