A MAN has been arrested in Ibiza for trying to burn down his ex-partner’s house with the help of several Molotov cocktails.

The woman was in her home at an undisclosed part of the island on Sunday evening along with several friends when her jilted lover appeared.

She had no interest in resuming a relationship with the Romanian national who had previously threatened her.

A Policia Nacional spokesperson said: “The man threatened the woman and carried a large knife in one hand and in the other a plastic bag with objects inside.”

“Afterwards he told one of the people in the house that the woman had to leave or he would burn down the house with everyone inside.”

He then threw a Molotov cocktail against a wall which caused a slight fire, but a bigger blaze was ignited when he threw a second bottle.

The ex-boyfriend then emptied his bag of home-made incendiary devices which were also hurled against a wall.

It was confirmed that all the bottles contained gasoline and a wick, and he was arrested for attempted homicide with an incendiary device.

Firefighters put out the blaze, and the kitchen, terrace, laundry room and some electrical gear were damaged.

In addition, officers recovered the knife the man was carrying.

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