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Spain’s Caminito del Rey reopens today after three day closure due to damaging landslides

MALAGA'S star hiking trail, Caminito del Rey, will reopen today, Friday 16, after three day closure due to damaging landslides. As work to repair the...

Spain’s Caminito del Rey remains closed due to recent landslides caused by heavy rain—with dozen climbing specialists and technicians...

MALAGA'S famous gorge walkway remains closed following recent landslides caused by heavy rain, and it’s still unclear when the tourist attraction will reopen. Heavy rains...

“Respect” called for as able-bodied children damage swing intended for disabled on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A BRAND NEW swing installed for the sole use of wheelchair-bound people has been damaged by large numbers of able-bodied children using it. The facility...

OPINION: Are storm drains to blame for the severity of damage to British expat businesses in the Costa Blanca...

While many of us are still dealing with damp basements and insurance claims, we should take note of the municipal elections coming up on May 22

Hundreds of piglets drown at farm in Teba during Malaga floods (WARNING: Distressing image)

The animals drowned after the town of Teba, north of Marbella was hit by over 400 litres of rain per square metre in just 24 hours

WATCH: Moment key Roman bridge in historic Ronda Andalucia is almost destroyed by shocking Arabic bath collapse following floods...

Trees are dragged helplessly into the biblical torrent of water which has also cut off the road to Forest Hills

British brothers arrested after causing €2,000 damage to hotel

TWO British brother have been arrested in Playa de Palma after trashing their hotel room. Security were alerted after alarming noises were coming from the...

Malaga cleanup could cost €10 million after worst downpour since records began

There were over 200 call-outs to emergency services

Fossil fuel giant Repsol slammed in climate report for South America

The 'corporate conquistadors' are accused of causing irreparable damage to indigenous communities

The magic formula for claiming on household insurance

Columnist and financial expert Danni Worth, of Op de Beeck & Worth, on how to stake your claim

Dentist struck off in the UK still working in Spain

Dodgy dentist still practicing in Spain - even after being rejected by GDC in UK three times

Fund for worst affected by Malaga floods

Villanueva del Trabuco Town Hall has pledged €40,000 in an effort to help those most in need
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Spanish homeowners dealing with fires and floods will have to pay

Many people won’t be entitled to any help claims local insurance boss

Spanish athletes caused thousands of euros of damage in London’s Olympic Village

Basketball team ‘trashed their apartments’ following post-tournament party

Cowell’s villa trashed by X Factor mob

The music mogul has been left furious after wannabes trashed his villa

Flood relief

The government pledges more funds to help flood disaster victims





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