15 Nov, 2013 @ 18:30
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Dentist struck off in the UK still working in Spain

Raj Rao

A CROOKED dentist, whose botched jobs caused patients long-term damage, is still working in Spain… despite being turned down to work in Britain on THREE separate occasions.

Rajkumar Rao unsuccessfully sued the Olive Press for libel after we revealed that he had been TWICE struck off in the UK and – but for an administrative error – should not be practising in Spain.

And now he has beaten his own record, after the UK’s General Dental Council rejected Rao’s third attempt to be restored to the UK register.

In a damning dossier of reasons, The Professional Conduct Committee accused him of having attempted to mislead them.

The respected body insisted that because of his numerous clinical failings, as well as inaccuracies in the evidence provided, Rao cannot be allowed to practice in Britain again.

Opposing counsel accused him of posing ‘a risk to the public’, while the Committee expressed concern that he believed he had never acted illegally.

This was despite having treated patients while being banned, giving unnecessary treatment to children and 22 crowns to a pensioner, who only needed seven.

The report also said: “You told the Committee that you saw no need to inform the Spanish Dental Authority of your erasures in the UK.

“There was no evidence that you had taken appropriate steps to satisfy yourself that these erasures would not affect your licence to practise in Spain.

“The Committee cannot be satisfied that you really appreciate the seriousness of this issue for a registered professional.”

Rao also faced criticism for giving children inappropriate treatment, solely because it would mean a bigger profit, and for refusing to refer a patient for a second opinion until he was paid.

Despite the litany of abuses Rao, who featured in an ITV documentary Dentists from Hell, still practices from his huge multi-million euro home, near Alhaurin.

Going under the name the Alhaurin Dental Centre, he advertises heavily in local magazines, promising ‘world class dental care’.

Dr Alex McCubbin, from the British Dental Centre in Marbella, said he was ‘not surprised’ that Rao had been able to continue working in Spain.

“Regulation is so much tighter in the UK than in Spain, the difference is unbelievable.

“If you look at the UK, there can be about 20 dentists struck off a month, though sometimes just short-term, for more training. And there’s no communication between the Spanish and British authorities.”

Rao declined to comment on the rejection of his application. His wife told the Olive Press: “Thanks for the call. We will not be commenting.”


  1. If the EU was’nt just a mechanism for big business to make even more money anyone struck off in any member state it would apply to all – that’s common sense but it’s only the common market that counts.

  2. I used Dr Rao for emergency treatment a year or so ago. I was impressed with both the treatment and attention ……… not to mention the cost.

    Such was my satisfaction that I continued to visit as does my wife.

    My daughter, who has a MASSIVE aversion to dental treatment has also visited and received pre-treatment counselling before a no rushed procedure.

    Chatting in the waiting area I noted that a couple of other clients had flown-in from the UK.

  3. Probably as mad as the others who had no problems and a great service who posted on the earlier “expose-piece” here and who would not have known anything beforehand.

    But having experienced first hand the quality I have no problem continuing visits and treatment.

    However, whist I do except the Olive Press report for what it is worth I do in general have a problem with some press reporting given most recent events. On that basis a faultless service by Dr Raj or a press report? MMmmmm, Raj I think!


  4. He was my dentist in the UK years before being struck off. He gave me first class treatment + I never had a single problem with any of the work he did. I was gob-smacked to see these reports.

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