#Málaga. Y llega el agua y se lleva el muro de los Baños Árabes de #Ronda Enviado por Fran Casta

Geplaatst door Málaga con acento op Zondag 21 oktober 2018

SHOCKING images show the Roman bridge of Ronda almost taken out as the walls of the 14th century baños árabes collapse along with half a dozen 50-year-old trees.

The cypress trees are dragged helplessly into the biblical torrent of water which almost swamped the ancient Roman bridge that spans the historic Ronda tajo, near the famous new bridge.

The historic bridge and next door Arabic baths were nearly destroyed as the Rio Guadalevin river burst its banks after 200-300 litres of rain per square metre fell in just five hours.

The Spanish weather agency AEMET has kept the whole of Malaga province on red alert meaning severe risk.

In Malaga one person has already died and others are being airlifted to safety, as people are trapped in their homes.

More to follow…

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