TOURISTS and expats have described the ‘biblical’ floods ravaging the Costa del Sol today as they took refuge for hours in cafes and bars.

Overflowing rivers gushing out filthy water, cars being rescued from flooded urbanisations and residents kayaking down flooded streets have been just some of the scenes in Estepona today.

When Neil McCarffey, 33, from Omagh in Northern Ireland, moved to Estepona three weeks ago, he never expected worse weather on the Costa del Sol than his home country.

“It’s terrifying after what happened in Mallorca last week. Some areas are really badly flooded it’s worrying.

“I can’t stop thinking about how this is a result of climate change.  It’s like the earth is angry or something at the moment, it’s insane” added the barman.

FLOODED: Casares Marina Urbanisation

Meanwhile, Casares Marina Urbanisation has flooded for the second time this week as residents struggled to rescue their cars from metre-deep water.

British holidaymakers, Martin and Kate Rooney, 60, have had their holiday ‘ruined’ by the ‘horrendous’ flooding.

“It’s biblical. I know it rains here but they just don’t seem to be able to cope with the quantity. This is horrendous, something needs to be done.

“It’s supposed to be 300 days of sunshine on the Costa del Sol and I think we’ve got the 65 days that aren’t,” added Leicester-based retiree Martin.

Tourist, Henk Roms, from Alkmaar in the Netherlands, was taking cover in a bar in flooded Estepona port for a staggering three hours waiting until it was safe to leave.

“I’ve been here on holiday a few times but I’ve never seen anything like this before,” added the 68-year-old, “I’ve got my swimming trunks ready in the car!”

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