DRUNKEN X Factor contestants have caused thousands of euros worth of damage to Simon Cowell’s luxury villa in Marbella.

The music mogul was said to be furious after the out of control wannabes raided his drinks cabinet and trashed the rented 20-bedroom property.

After polishing off his vintage champagne and specially imported Sapporo beer the rowdy group headed for a late night swim.

But their drunken antics didn’t stop there and when stumbling back to their rooms, they trampled over designer furniture and a rather pricey Persian rug covering it in sand and sea water.

The 50-year-old, who is meant to be mentoring the young hopefuls, confi rmed that they had woken him up adding “any damage will have to be paid out of their fi rst royalty cheque if they make it – to teach them a lesson”.

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