TRAGIC: Piles of dead piglets after Malaga floods

HUNDREDS of piglets drowned at a farm in Teba during the Malaga floods, caused by the torrential rains on Sunday.

Two huge piles of dead piglets can be seen piled against a wall at the farm, in harrowing images posted on Facebook by the town’s Mayor Cristóbal Corral.

The animals drowned after the town of Teba, north of Marbella was hit by over 400 litres of rain per square metre in just 24 hours.

The Mayor payed tribute to the animals, calling the hundreds of deaths a ‘horror’ and a ‘catastrophe’.

He added: “This is one more example of the disaster that any farm can suffer.”

Corral attracted criticism with his comments however, as the animal rights group PACMA claimed he was only concerned about the monetary loss of the dead piglets.

They said the mayor ‘seems to care more about the economic impact than the moral losses of animal life’.

Cereals, feed, raw materials, machinery and enclosures are among the other farming infrastructure to be devastated in Teba and the surrounding area.

The Cooperatives Agro-alimentary of Malaga have put the total flood damage in Campillos and Teba at €1.5 million.

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