floodsmalagaFREAK storms in Malaga last weekend caused €10 million worth of damage. 

The city suffered its worst downpour ever, with a quarter of a year’s worth of rain falling in one day.

In just one hour 87.4 mm of water lashed the port, the highest hourly rate since records began in 1981.

The met office recorded 456 lightening bolts.

There were over 200 call-outs to the emergency services, but so far there have been no reported injuries.

Insurers have estimated that the damage will cost €10 million, and that 2,800 properties and 700 vehicles were affected.

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  1. €10million won’t even scratch the surface of creating effective flood control measures – massive planting of rosa multiflora and trees will help as will properly embedded reinforced concrete retaining walls where appropriate, creating versions of what Los Angeles did decades ago, can’t see that happening so – until the next ‘unusual’ weather pattern happens along.

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