THE honey company Mel Caramel has received multiple awards thanks to owner Martí Mascaró who has been named the maker of the best honey in Europe. 

A recipient of the Biolmiel prize, the most prestigious for beekeepers, Mascaró produces 12 of Mallorca’s 13 types of organic honey. 

With over 18 million bees in his hives, he produces 2,000 kg of honey a year.

Martí Mascaró working in his fields in Mallorca.

Mascaró found his love for beekeeping 20 years ago after working in a Mallorca tourist supermarket with his then boss, an amateur beekeeper. 

After visiting his employer’s beehives, he became fascinated with the pollinators’ social structure and honey production.

Hanging up his uniform at the market and trading it for a beekeeper suit, he decided to launch his own business called Mel Caramel in Mallorca’s Inca village. 

Martí Mascaró with his beekeeping suit

In addition to selling his honey online and in select markets, Mascaro often goes into schools to teach children about the importance of bees in the environment and warn about the impacts of climate change. 

For him, the insects are like any other pet and his deep commitment to the craft has allowed him to become a champion of the beekeeping world.

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