CARLOS MAZON from the Partido Popular was invested on Thursday as the new president of the Valencian Community with 53 votes in favour-made up of 40 PP votes and 13 from Vox- and 46 votes against.

A five-hour plenary of the Valencian parliament- Les Corts- saw Mazon, 49, from Alicante assume the presidency after the PP topped May’s regional poll, but they will govern in coalition with the far-right Vox party.

The socialists led by ex-president Ximo Puig and the far-left Compromis party voted against Mazon’s investiture.

In his speech before the vote was taken, Mazon focused on health, education and lower taxes.

He will also maintain a cabinet position covering equality issues- something that Vox in other coalition deals in Spain have insisted in striking off.

He promised that the coalition government with Vox will be stable and will be based on ‘permanent dialogue’ and that ‘common progress was a priority’.

Speaking in Valenciano at the beginning of his speech, Carlos Mazon said: “The Valencian Community deserved a change and today begins the government of change.”

“Today begins the future of our Community, “he added and promised to listen to all viewpoints.

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