A POLICEMAN going on a flight from Mallorca to Sevilla has arrested a man who was harassing and making threats to passengers. 

The arrested man is said to have started harassing very young women sitting on the row in front of him. 

When seeing this, one passenger stood up to defend the girls, after which the accused threatened to stab him. 

It was then when a Policia Nacional agent travelling on the plane showed his badge to the disruptive man, asking him to sit down and cease his behaviour. 

However, the accused not only refused to follow the officer’s orders, but also began to behave aggressively towards him. 

The cocky passenger allegedly told the policeman that he was going to kill him. 

He then threw a punch at the agent, who dodged the blow and managed to reduce and arrest him. 

When the plane landed at Sevilla airport, a Guardia Civil patrol waiting at the runaway placed the troublemaker inside the police car. 

It has been reported that the airline called the hero policeman the morning after the incident to thank him for his brave actions. 

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